Sofia's Travel Story

Plan Your Trip to Yunnan (Foreword)

The first point of travel in my life was Yunnan, I met him once and will never forget.

Later, I often wanted to set foot on ground again, but because of work or life, I could not do it.

I bought a thick guidebook and read it over and over again. Now that epidemic is out, let's get travel plan back on agenda~

(1) South of Kaiyun

The colorful body of Yunnan lies in its various natural structures.

From snow-covered plateau at top of world to evergreen rainforest in tropical valley, huge drop allows Yunnan to simultaneously breed green peacocks and meconopsis, two beautiful elves with very different growing conditions.

Tea trees, coffee and wild mushrooms growing at different heights are nourishing and plentiful.

At same time, white snow glaciers lie above the hot and dry valley, which do not disappear all year round.

Plan Your Trip to Yunnan (Foreword)

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Plan Your Trip to Yunnan (Foreword)


(2) Life in Yunnan

Among high mountains of Yunnan, non-state international trade channel that caravan passed through still exists and has now become a favorite route for many outdoor enthusiasts.

With 25 ethnic minorities living here, Yunnan regularly hosts festivals throughout year. The desire to explore with tip of tongue is stimulated by cuisines of different nations.

Enjoy unbridled sunshine and blue skies. Living in a bustling metropolis, you should also envy lazy life here "treasure of hometown" People can't help but sigh that vacation is too short to see all excitement and comfort here at once.

Plan Your Trip to Yunnan (Foreword)


Plan Your Trip to Yunnan (Foreword)


Then follow me, make plans with me and start our detailed Yunnan journey~

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