Sofia's Travel Story

If a dog could talk, what would it say to you before dying?

After I return to Wang Xing, Master, you must remember 10 things.


"Dear dog, thank you for coming and accompanying me through life's trivial matters, big and small, over past ten years or so."

Dog-dog: "Dear owner, here are 10 words I want to say to you, please remember them."

First: I love you. You are person I love most in my life.

Second: I know that you hate me, but there are many beautiful landscapes on earth. Although I can no longer watch with you, I want you to watch more for me.

Third: You may be sad, it's okay, crying will be much better. I swear this time I won't laugh at you like I used to.

Fourth: You may be a little bored without me, but don't stay alone for too long, go out more often and interact with people.

Five: If you're really sad, just cry to someone who understands you, this time I won't be jealous.

Six: If you're free, chat with your friends more often. This is my favorite activity in life. Try it too.

Seven: Thank you for taking care of me in every possible way for over ten years. Thanks to you, my dog ​​has a happy and fulfilling life.

Eight: I won't blame you if you decide to get another pet. I will also be glad if they are with you.

Nine: If possible, think of me sometimes. Wang Xing, I will miss you very much.

Ten: I used to listen to you, but this time it's you. Remember these 10 things: When you are not with me, please eat well, sleep well and live well.