Sofia's Travel Story

The old street in Guangxi is on fire, name is hard to say, girls are embarrassed to say it!

In our country, there are many unusually beautiful landscapes with their own characteristics, as well as many especially valuable things brought to us by thousands of years of history and culture, and there are also cultural customs with local characteristics, everyday habits of people here are very different from those in other places .

This place has not only very beautiful landscapes, but also some treasures brought to us by centuries of history. In many cases, when we're having trouble at work or we're especially bored, we can take big bag we use when we leave house, take things we need, and go to some place I especially want to visit . , and go on a long-awaited journey.

But when we want to go out, we will find some problems, that is, we may have enough funds under normal circumstances, but not enough time, or we may have enough time, but we have not prepared enough funds.

For various reasons, our long-awaited trip may be delayed and we don't know when we'll be ready to play again. In fact, in my opinion, it is not necessary to go to those very remote places at all if you want to travel.

As long as we are ready to leave house, even if it is very close to home, it is a very pleasant experience for those of us. In Guangxi, our country, there are many streets with a very long history, some of which are very prosperous and some of which are very cultural.

Some people are very embarrassed when they hear this. There is such a street in this place, it is called Moru Lane, because of which many compatriots who come here are very shy, let's explore it together!

1. Very trendy and trendy place

Here there is a very fashionable place where a lot of very fashionable people gather, this is a famous historical city - Nanning. As a very old city, this place has not only not been stagnant under ravages of time, but has constantly caught up with trends and evolved.

There is a place that is very popular among young people, and this is Jiafeng Culture and Art Park. A lot of money has been invested in construction here, and occupied area is also very large, after completion of construction, it has become the most fashionable and trendy place in this place.

When you come here, not only can you see some buildings made out of containers, but they have also been altered by humans to make them very fashionable. color combinations are also very creative, these stylish patterns have breathed new life into these boxes.

Everyone who comes here will take some photos with them, and each of them is very beautiful. This new building style has also attracted many people who have come here to open their own shops to provide people with essential goods.

Second, infamous lane

There's also a place where girlfriends don't want to go, and that's breast contact lane. As soon as they heard name, everyone guessed what it meant literally. As for why this name was chosen, it's mainly because this alley is very narrow and only one person can walk through it at a time.

If two people enter facing each other, they can only pass sideways and they will inevitably touch each other's bodies as they pass. Can touch wall,

That's why every woman she knows who comes here,if she's not so shy, after walking down alley, she will complain to people around her that this alley took advantage of her. Therefore, this is an alley in which girlfriends who come here feel very uncomfortable

Third, a very cultural area

There is a special lane in this place, there are some special guests, i.e. some cats, they are lined up near delicious beef brisket noodles, they are still chatted non-stop while standing in line as if answering store's questions, some said that it would be packed and taken away, some said that it came from Haizhu and came here specially Eat beef brisket powder.

There are also some birds in big tree above their heads, and they are all looking at these cats that are in line. This painting appeared in a place called Baymi Lane. The reason for this name is that during Ming Dynasty, a long time ago, there were many rice shops in this place, and there were a lot of old neighbors living there. .

It's also very close to Yide Road, it's a lane with a long history. Through continuous efforts of management staff here, they fully realized cultural accumulation and historical memory of this place during renovation.By constructing a cultural wall from lane and drawing some very instructive patterns to show cultural heritage of this place Cultural atmosphere.

People who come here can not only get to know local culture, but also learn about some very interesting things that have happened here.