Sofia's Travel Story

How long does it take for a dog to forget its owner?

My Teddy Dood is four years old. I took him when he was over 7 months old. Its previous owner was my colleague. Since he found out that his wife is pregnant, elders made his family stress, gave me this. From two weeks when he was born to over 7 months, it must be really good for him. This is a premise.

However, ever since he saw me for first time, he circled around me and then jumped into my arms, probably knowing and recognizing his fate. However, from that moment on, he never looked back at original owner.

After he came to my house, I also excitedly ran to visit his new territory. Then safely occupied entire sofa.

A week later, over weekend, I invited a couple of its original owners and a few mutual friends to my house party. From beginning to end, he ignored original couple. Even before they left, they desperately called for Dudo to come see his reaction, but he continued to hide behind my back, tugging at my legs. Completely ignored its original owner.

During day, he will still only be more enthusiastic about seeing strangers when his original owner and mate are in air.

For Doudou, I even broke rule of traveling abroad at least once a year. In second year of his arrival, we switched to an independent tour. He also traveled with us to many places. He is dog who has seen world.

In third year, I could not stand it, settled in house of another good friend who has a dog, lived there for 13 days. When I get back, I will pick him up, chat with my friends and go for a walk, and he will follow us all way. When we parted, my friend said, do not call him, let's see who he is with, So we parted ways. At this time she used to Sexually follow my friend, but looked back three times a step, tears almost flowed from her eyes. My friend laughed at me and said, “Listen, your Dudo doesn't want you anymore. I said no, I didn't even have to speak. I just waved it and it came. my hand. Of course, it was like crazy." He rushed to me, not wanting to leave again.

My friend said that their house was always very good, too good. One day my friend was playing games until 12 midnight and remembered that he didn't go out with him. Compared to two domestic dogs, it is obvious that they are visiting here. So I think he knows that I didn't leave him.

Later, every time my friend came to my house, he still greeted him very affectionately. However, he still does not want to pay attention to original owner, judging by general enthusiasm for strangers, he should not forget real owner, but rather ignore them forever.

I think maybe it's hate....

Tips: Because when Dudo first came to my house, he had a very bad temper, at that time we lived on ground floor, and wild cats often played in yard, which continued to bark and shit. home. Because previous owner never took him out of house, nibbled on things, didn't rummage through garbage, didn't even eat poop, etc., and he has a closed nature. If I'm minding my own business and ignoring him, he will do all kinds of trouble to attract me.

To raise it well, I read almost all posts on Baidu Tieba's Teddy Bar and Pet Dog Bar. Whenever I come across a nourishing post, I read every word, including comments below. Patiently enlighten my wife, several times we wanted to give up, I will say, firstly, Doudo spent 7 months to develop these bad habits, we must work hard for at least 7 months before our character can be improved, secondly, from him already rejected once, we can't be second person to reject it. Thus, we have reached a consensus.

Fortunately, Dudo became very obedient and sensible when she was 13-14 months old. As he gets older, he becomes more and more reasonable and smart, and has become an integral part of our family. We even give Doudo a small birthday present every year (like a crown, new clothes, etc.) and he often smiles in front of us, yes, dogs do smile.

If someone wants to give up their dog or take someone else's dog, they can contact me at any time. Relationships can only be rewarded with love if we work together. Pets are just like people. Doudo's arrival has also changed us a lot: our daily routine has become healthy and regular, and we have to walk dog at least three times a day, which also promotes emotional communication and exchange, because we have become more patient. and gentle... ...I hope that every person and family that has pets can treat pets and people around them well, yes, that's love