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Take your dog for a bath and ask the beautician to compress her anal glands. She said not to compress every time, right?

Yes! The anal glands should be squeezed, but not too often~ Why? Tell your parents in detail~

What are anal glands?

The main function is to mark territory, show personality, and be responsible for transmitting pheromone glands that relay their own information.

Its liquid has an extremely pungent odor and is very sticky to hair. Most of them are excreted in faeces to enhance identification of their own territory and status.

The anal glands are located in sacs of anal glands on sides of anus and are responsible for endocrine and storage functions. Normally, it is a colorless and transparent liquid, when it can spontaneously stand out; anal glands of some dogs, which can no longer excrete well, will be in a state of suspension emulsion; anal glands with impaired excretion will be in form of a thick paste. . If anal glands cannot secrete normally, this will cause anal inflammation and, in severe cases, anal gland fistula.

When should I compress?

In domestic dogs, anal glands should be checked every 15-20 days. If they cannot be excreted normally, they can be isolated artificially.

When a dog's anal glands are dirty, he will sit on ground, raise his hind legs high, rub his anus against ground, squirm and move forward.

At this time, parents can take dog to a professional grooming center to clean anal glands. Careful observation can effectively avoid bad odor and adverse health effects.

How to compress?

When squeezing anal glands, first press dog's tail against back, and anus will protrude naturally. Use abdomen of your thumb and forefinger to gently touch undersides of your anus. If there is a slight bulge (anal sac), squeeze out anal glands, hold lower part of small bulge (anal sac) with your fingertips and gently push upward (do not pinch anal sac) People are not allowed to stand directly behind anus When squeezing anal glands, keep face away Aim directly into anus (spray on the face or mouth).

When squeezing anal glands, it is best to clean them with bath liquid so that bad smell does not stick to coat and cannot be removed. If anal glands are compressed when coat is dry, a stench will remain on coat, which is difficult to remove.

Why not compress too often?

1. Wrong technique: When people pop pimples or other pustules, they usually follow principle, i.e. "do not stop if there is no blood." We always think that this is only way to empty dirt. This can cause infection, but this does not seem to be case when squeezing anal glands. There will be no blood after anal glands are emptied. This will leave many owners not knowing when to stop. They always want to squeeze twice as much to see if there is any - or "fish that slipped through net", excessive squeezing can easily lead to damage to anal sac, which can cause anal inflammation.

2. Too often is a shame: To keep dogs clean, some owners clean their anal glands every week, but too much cleaning can easily damage anal sacs.

Therefore, when owner cleans dog's anal glands, it should be determined according to dog's own situation, usually once a month. Do not squeeze too hard and do not continue to squeeze after dirt has been removed. If owner is not sure of correctness of his method, he can first release dog for cleaning in some more reliable pet stores, and owner can also learn from him.