Sofia's Travel Story

As country saying goes, “house dogs don’t bite new sons-in-law,” doesn’t a dog bite an unfamiliar son-in-law when he first comes into house?

Don't country dogs ever bite a son-in-law who comes to door for first time?

The answer is definitely no, no, if it's first time, get to know each other by getting to know each other. There's a blind date coming up, if you don't care about the dog, he's probably almost dead unless you bite him.

A dog is a person, but he can't tell if he's a son-in-law yet, unless daughter and son-in-law have been in contact for a long time, dog won't bite when he smells familiar, otherwise he won't recognize him when he first comes to door . Who are you, if your family doesn't stop you, you will get bitten easily.

Regular blind dates separate dogs. A reasonable dog will leave when he hears master's scolding. A naive dog will be afraid to bite people. When people come, they will tie up dog so they naturally cannot bite.

So why do dogs smell people?

During evolution of species, dogs' eyesight got worse and worse, but their noses became more and more sensitive. Dogs are especially sensitive to volatile fatty acids found in sweat. The odor sensors in their noses are very well developed, so they can recognize very faint odors and distinguish them correctly. When a dog gets old and can't see people well, he can smell it, he will feel at ease with person he likes and clothes he often wears around him.

Typically, daughter spends a lot of time with dog, so it's easier to defecate when baby smells. Son-in-law and daughter are often together, and dog will naturally not bite because of smell. In addition, many native dogs in countryside have a very high IQ, knowing that person who returned with owner should know him, and if he knows him, then alarm will be removed, and, of course, he will not bite.