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Do you think ten Tibetan mastiffs will be able to defeat one Amur tiger?

The Tibetan mastiff and Amur tiger are typical representatives of large dogs and highest cats on earth. Maybe ten years ago, before Tibetan mastiff myth was busted, some Tibetan mastiffs thought: one mastiff fights nine wolves, 10 Tibetan mastiffs are equivalent to 90 wolves in a fight, and 10 Tibetan mastiffs can definitely take on Siberian tigers easily. .

First, actual result doesn't need to be guessed

I don't know how many people like me. I now feel that this question should be categorized as entertainment rather than as pets. Answer question directly: in wild, if a person meets an Amur tiger with ten Tibetan mastiffs, there is absolutely no chance of survival.

Many mischievous veterans will think that ten Tibetan mastiffs will kill an Amur tiger, and he will not be able to eat one person at all, so person will definitely come back alive. In fact, there is an old saying that “one mountain cannot hold two tigers.” It can be taken literally that tigers are ferocious beasts with a strong sense of territorial defense. What's more, you came here with ten Tibetan mastiffs. It's absolutely unforgivable. How could they let you go?

Secondly, there can be different voices

Even though myth of Tibetan Mastiff has been debunked, there are still many Tibetan Mastiff fans who may think that Amur tiger cannot completely escape. I remember seeing a post on Internet in 2012 praising Tibetan Mastiff, saying that Tibetan Mastiff is not only a herd guardian in Tibetan areas, but also a sworn enemy of wild animals. tiger attacks. For dissenters to accept reality, a comparison must be made.

Third, data must be legible

1. body shape. An adult Siberian tiger weighs about 350 kg, while a Tibetan mastiff weighs about 65-80 kg. It seems that 10 Tibetan mastiffs have an advantage.

2. Bite force. Although bite force of Tibetan mastiff is great, it is not strongest among dogs, while bite force of Siberian tiger is absolute king of cats.

3. Agility. The playfulness of any canine family will not be stronger than that of tigers, so Tibetan mastiffs are incomparable in this respect.

4. The power of palm. The Amur tiger has an absolute advantage in this respect. A Siberian tiger has been reported to have killed a male lion with one hand, showing that he has absolute power!

Fourthly, a real fight might look like this

When a group of Tibetan mastiffs attacked Amur tigers, tiger beat one to death with one palm and seized throat of other. Tigers can also be bitten during combat. But angering tiger, he will break skulls and spines of all Tibetan mastiffs within 20 seconds. The owner of Tibetan mastiff will also be locked up, like "a sheep that has climbed into jaws of a tiger." Forgive me for describing battle so succinctly, that's all!