Sofia's Travel Story

Is it better to have a male or a female? Why?

I have both males and females. Take, for example, German Shepherd. I have a male and a female. But if I had to choose again, I would choose two males without hesitation. Not to say that a bitch is bad, but raising a bitch offended many people.

Is it better to have a male or a female? Why?
1. When I raised two German Shepherds, I was condemned both verbally and in pen

Eight years ago, when two German Shepherds first arrived home, many villagers came to see small gorge, wanting to see what legendary "wolf dog" looked like. When everyone saw that a two-month-old German Shepherd was larger than their Chinese Cattle Dog, everyone thought that this dog breed would be very dangerous when it grew up: wouldn't it be hard to survive if it bit someone?

Hearing everyone say this, I was very upset. After much explanation, I also promised that I would only grow them in my backyard and not run around biting people. But a few neighbors were still worried and said ugly things:

1. Whatever you say, as long as you actually bite someone, you will not only lose money, but also beat dog to death;

2. You should be optimistic about this dog, don't scare people;

3. Your family has a better life and you can't raise so many dogs. How troublesome...

I said such ugly things. At first he explained, but then he did not want to explain. Time will show everything.

Is it better to have a male or a female? Why?
2. After two German Shepherds grew up, they became honest and honest

Demu is growing relatively fast, and his parents pay a lot of attention to his nutrition, and he looks very good. The two German Shepherds in my family have really learned to take care of house since they were four months old. backyard dog shed in middle of night. (Explanation: My family lives in a ravine in rest of Dabi Mountains. Wild boars and badgers often come down mountain to damage crops, especially corn and vegetables.) Maybe sound of a German Shepherd is more rough and shrill. The crops near my house have never been harmed since.

For past year and a half, no one has bothered people. Everyone wonders if wolf dogs shouldn't be as ferocious as wolves? Why are you so smart. Usually people come in twos and threes to backyard to look at dogs.

3. When the bitch is pregnant Is it better to have a male or a female? Why?

After pet bitch got pregnant, things that bothered me came one after other. Many people who usually don't move around and people who criticized me at beginning came to ask for puppies. My parents are honest people. Seeing that everyone came to door on their own initiative, I hesitated to refuse. After all, I usually do not raise my eyes and look down. If I offend everyone, I will inevitably be blamed in future.

When I got home for weekend, I heard that everyone was coming to ask for a dog. I was a little unhappy. After all, they all came to criticize me at beginning. Why do I want to raise a German Shepherd now but I think they are all neighbors so forget it. But when I found out that everyone wanted dogs for free, I was very depressed. After puppies were born and raised before full moon, they were all given away to a few close friends.

After dog recovered, it was taken to county town for sterilization. I can't afford it, can I hide it? After so many years, some neighbors who failed to get puppies still hold a grudge: when they pass by my field during peak of growing season, they cut a few seedlings to vent their anger.