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China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

Nowadays, people love to travel to different places, enjoy different scenery, and get to know different customs and customs. Recently, a particularly popular village has emerged in Yunnan province, which attracts many tourists. Not only because of local natural landscapes, but also because of local folk customs.

In previous era, when men were taller than women, men had high status and could marry many wives or have many concubines. With passage of time, social changes and people accepting new progressive ideas, status of women has also changed. Not as low as before.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

Moreover, our country is actively promoting equality between men and women, which is enough to show that position of women is slowly improving, and now they also follow monogamous system and are protected by laws of our country.

But in countries like India, men can still marry many women as partners. The village I want to introduce to you today is just opposite. This is custom of "polyandry". Does it make you more curious?

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

1. Location of Yuben Village

This Yubeng Village is located in Yunling Township, Yunnan Province, my country. Yubeng village is a very hidden village in Yunnan province, in corner of a deep mountain there is only one way to get there and transportation is not modern cars but mules and horses or on foot.

The natural beauty of this isolated place will not be polluted by industrial environment, but because place is too closed, there was no electricity here, one can imagine how simple life here is , strongly> How modern. It was not until 2012 that they used electric lighting and began to contact modern world.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

If you think about it now, if they were in such a backward state, wouldn't they eventually be destroyed by society? This is also a question worth thinking about. However, there are also advantages to being so closed, so that many folk customs can be very well preserved.

2. Scenery of Yuban Village

The natural scenery here is very beautiful, and there are many unexploited tourist attractions: divine waterfall in Yubeng Village, ice lake, Ninong Canyon, etc. are relatively primitive natural scenery. Sparsely populated, only about 20 households, the distribution is uneven, and also a large area, so it is divided into two villages for management.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

The beautiful landscape here is unforgettable. From moment you enter this village, you will smell flowers and plants in air, as well as pure scent of nature. Strange landscapes of "trees with one root". . Five trees with one root are like grafting, that is, other types of plants grow on trunk of a large tree.

The climate in Yunnan is rainforest climate with abundant rainfall, and because it is located on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, terrain is high, so you can enjoy Rizhao Jinshan in morning. People here still lead a traditional agricultural lifestyle for thousands of years, working at dawn and relaxing at sunset.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

3. Yuben Village Customs

Everyone is curious about such a modern society, why does such a village exist with such customs? The main reason is that due to isolation here people cannot contact outside world. Although scenery here is beautiful, roads here are not easy to walk, and it is difficult for people to travel, and remoteness is not needed. What a source of income.

We can say that it is very poor, and population here is also small. To reproduce and cut costs, this is only way to do it. In such remote places, men rarely find wives, so in each family they find only one wife, and no matter how many brothers there are in the family, they have only one wife.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

This wife should not only do laundry and cook for her family, but also have children. The women manage big and small things in house, and men will also set aside time for their wives. a clear division of labor between brothers: who takes care of family, who goes to herd, and who goes to work, there will be neither rivalry nor jealousy with each other.

They don't worry about dividing family property. The family gets along very harmoniously. They believe that only in this way can labor force be maximized, and income of family will increase accordingly, so that every household member can live and work in peace and contentment. You may also want to think about what to do if you have such a child.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

People have their own way, no matter which brother child belongs to, simply call eldest in family "dad" and rest of the brothers "uncle". Although it is said that this custom is very feudal and backward, it is incomprehensible, but every family in this village is very beautiful and lives happily.


When you go to Yubeng Village, don't worry that it's hard to find here. After all, she is now very famous. To increase their income, people here also built houses and sold some special snacks, but it's a little expensive.

China's "mysterious" village: brothers marry wife, who is father of child?

Yuben Village has golden wheat and highland barley, various small flowers, scattered small houses, virgin forests, and snow-capped mountains. If this place had not been discovered, it would have to be peaceful and peaceful for hundreds of years. If you come here on an excursion, then be sure to linger and forget to return, and local landscapes will undoubtedly cleanse your soul.