Around Siquijor
(A Selection of Various Businesses and Subjects on the Island)     

Updated March 2004

Ed's Sign Art Services

Nonoc, Larena

(Across the highway from the Petron Gas Station)


I had them construct and paint a sign for a friend's business and I was very satisfied with the quality and price.  They can do T-Shirts, stickers, small signs, billboards and much more.  Due to the lack of other media on the island, signage is the most effective advertising tool.  If you or a friend has a business in the province you should definitely consider Ed's Sign Art Services.


Rosalie's Sari-Sari Store

Solangon, San Juan, Siquijor

(Located just south of Coral Cay Resort)

(Look for the sign along the highway)

Shop at Rosalie's Sari-Sari Store for snacks, cigarettes, Tanduay, Rice, Soft drinks, Personal care products, etc.  Rosalie and I have been friends for many years and it is always a pleasure to visit her.  Even it I don't need to buy anything...I sometimes stop just to see her angelic smile.


Samyz Pizza Bar & Restaurant

Mabini St., Siquijor, Siquijor
Phone: (35) 344-2129 or 0919-644-1259

owner: Claverito Abing

Business Hours: 8:30 am - 12 midnight

(take-out available)

Samyz opened in September of 2003.  Their constantly expanding menu includes pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, burgers, fries, lumpia, pork chops, beer, mixed drinks, etc.  I found this restaurant to be quite clean, the food tasty, and the beer cold.  They have a comfortable air-conditioned dining area with two televisions and a cozy bar.  Samyz also have a outside dining area on the balcony.  No matter what your taste, you are bound to find dining at Samyz a pleasant experience.



Nonoi Ymbol

Pili, Siquijor, Siquijor

Nonoi is a well known entertainer on the island; commonly referred to as the "blind singer".  When ever I meet Nonoi I always ask him for a song and it invariably leaves me smiling.  No matter if you just want to hear one song or need an entertainer for a party, Nonoi is sure to please. 


Isla De Fuego Art Gallery

Bontod Heights, Larena, Siquijor

(35) 377-2200 or 0916-311-9336

Isla De Fuego Art Gallery features the work of local artists.  Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of viewing most of the art due to the paintings being on display in Dumaguete at the time of my visit.  However, I was allowed to photograph some works of art that were not yet completed.  If you are in the market for some local art, or just want to appreciate the local talent, visit this gallery.


Lucky Drug Center

Siquijor, Siquijor

344-2151 or 480-5544 or 0920-923-9312


For your medical and personal needs, visit Lucky Drug Center in Siquijor, Siquijor.

Lucky Drug Center is also the contact for "A's Rent-A-Van".  For comfortable rides to the Island's scenic location stop by or give them a call.

Lucky Drug Center also has a medical clinic conveniently located next door.

Dr. George Abordo

(Medical Internist & Fellow Diplomate)

Services offered include EKG, Blood-Sugar monitoring, Cholesterol Testing, Electro-acupuncture, etc.


New Solangon Store

Solangon, San Juan

Siquijor 6227

Owner: Alecia M. Balolong

Manager: Damian Baguio

(Store hours: 6:30 am - 6:30 pm)

This store was a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.  The New Solangon Store stocks a wide variety of products.  Included in their inventory is rice, corn, sugar, personal care items, beverages, canned goods, snacks, school supplies, Tanduay products, ointments, livestocks feeds, and much more.


Optimum Trader

(Money Trader)

Magsaysay St.

Larena, Siquijor

(035) 377-2326 or 0917-369-4735

During the past few years I have found Optimum Trader offering the best exchange rate for foreign currency; though occasionally just slightly.  Some tourist have found it difficult to locate since it is basically a business inside another business.  It is located inside the "D. Belciña Jewelry and Gift Shop".


Ergwen Woodcrafts

(Located on the National Highway in Candanay Sur, Siquijor)
Phone: 0919-359-7064

They manufacture all kinds of wood products. Their products include furniture, windows, molding, hardwood tiles, vases, fish trays, lechon trays, ashtrays, candle holders, etc. This is an excellent place to purchase authentic Siquijor souvenirs for yourself, family and friends. If you not see what you are looking for consider custom ordering something. Ergwen's has custom made a couple of things for me in the past few years.   I have always been well satisfied with their products (and prices) and keep going back for more.


Clyde's EZ Ride Service

(Located on the National Highway in Solangon, San Juan, Siquijor)
(Across the road from the Coral Cay Resort entrance)
Phone: 0920-224-0117

This is my first choice for "hired transportation" on the island. When I am on the island I use Clyde's services exclusively.   During all of our outings, Clyde has always been dependable, courteous, honest and helpful. His driving skills are cautious, competent, and he knows where he is going. He communicates very well in the English language and is a proficient translator. Be sure to tell Clyde that sent you and ask for a discount on "all day" rates.

E&M Halo Halo and Food Haus

(Located on the highway in central Siquijor town)

E&M serves delicious Halo Halo and shakes. They have a catering service plus they bake cakes for all occasions. I had them create a "last minute" birthday cake for a friend. Everyone thought that it was not only beautiful but delicious as well. If you are visiting the island during a loved-one's birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, etc., provide a cake and receive a lot of smiles that you will be able to cherish for years to come.

La Costa Café

(Located on the highway in Sandugan, Larena)

Located just minutes away from the Larena Pier, the La Costa Café offers a menu with a variety of local native food as well as international selections. The inside dining room is extremely clean and bright. There is also an outdoor dining area suitable for large social gatherings. The La Costa Café staff is very polite and courteous. The are ready to serve you daily from 7 a.m. until midnight.

Nieves Guibay

(Location: house across from the elementary school in Ponong, Siquijor)

Modern studies have shown that massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress, promote healing of your body and mind, and to recover from injury or chronic pain. There certainly is no shortage of sources for a massage on the island. Therapeutic massage in the Philippines is a tradition as old as the island's first inhabitants. I have personally explored various types of massage from many different practitioners. The end results ranged from near total pain relief for a period of days to those that seemed to cause more harm than good. Though Nieves Guibay does not proclaim to be a healer, her massage has always given me more pain relief than others available on the island. Her home is located across the road from the elementary school and easily accessible in Ponong, Siquijor. She does not advertise or seek out customers. However, she is willing to try to help anyone that is sincere. I cannot guarantee that she will totally alleviate your pain or restore your health. However, at an absolute minimum you should definitely reap the relaxing benefit of an exceptional massage.

Siquijor Banks

Allied Banking Corporation
Located in central Larena
(35) 484-1011 / (35) 377-2017

Land Bank of the Philippines
Magsaysay Street, Poblacion, Larena
(035) 377-2023 / 484-1147

First Consolidated Bank
Caridad St., Poblacion, Siquijor 6225
(63) (35) 344-2003 (this is also the FAX number)

Manager: (35) 344-2005 / 480-9080



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